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"I bought a Spindle Lock for my RF-45 about 2 years ago. The RF-45 is my primary mill and the ability to (rapidly) change tooling is of pretty high importance and the OEM wrench was not only too slow but often tended to slip. I gave your product a try and never looked back for a second! I consider the Spindle Lock to be a 100% necessary upgrade for the RF-45 and put it right up there with a DRO and power table feed for making these little mills truly user friendly. Thanks for such a great product!" Josh R, PA


"My experience working with Spindle-lock has been both enjoyable and fruitful. Communication was excellent and the finished product is all that one could ask for. The quality of the workmanship is exceptionally good with fit, finish, and functionality being top-flite." John S., Eau Claire, WI, USA

grizzly g0619

"The Spindle-Lock was very useful in making the various spindle changes necessary for making a grinder light bracket. I have pinched my finger with the awkward spanner and this will be a great improvement." Philip S., State College, PA, USA

rf-45 spindle-lock
This is the RF-45 version of the Spindle-Lock in "Spindle-Lock Orange" and clear anodize.

x3 spindle-lock
This is the X3 version of the Spindle-Lock in "Spindle-Lock Orange" and clear anodize.

We used the Caswell plating LCD anodizing kit to make this sample part. It has not been put in the vibratory tumbler. It's a manual debur and then off to the aluminum anodizing line. We ran the anodizing tub at 5VDC 3A constant current using a standard MASTECH TRIPLE DC VARIABLE POWER SUPPLY HY3005-3. The key here is to turn your power supply off. Turn the voltage knobs to high and current knobs to low/off. Then turn on the power supply and turn the current knobs up. Make sure it's set in SERIES. You'll get slightly more than 5 amps. The Caswell unit (Model SPC-9250) has a higher current output and is suited for those larger production batches. NOTE: We use a professional anodizer and finisher to anodize our production models. The above information was for those who wish to anodize their own parts for testing/prototyping purposes.

Below is a short video clip of a pre-production Spindle-Lock being made on a Fadal VMC40/20/4020 model.


The Spindle-Lock only remains actuated by depressing the large button. In other words, the Spindle-Lock DOES NOT remain locked in position. This would be dangerous and could potentially be catastrophic for your spindle, machine, and you.

Clear Anodize "Spindle-Lock Orange" Anodize Blue/Black Anodize (New!)