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When we first purchased a Rong-Fu 45 mill (ours is an ENCO brand), excitement quickly turned to puzzlement as we wondered how we were to change tooling if there was no spindle lock wrench provided with the mill.

Of course, without hesitation, and as a good reason for a first project, we made a simple spindle wrench for the mill. While this worked fine, getting the spindle wrench to slide on the spline wasn't all that easy at times.

There must be an easier way. We have made tool changes easy on your splined-spindle dovetail mill.

With our patent-pending Spindle-Lock, you simply bolt the Spindle-Lock onto the head of your mill and within minutes, you have an easy-to-use way of "locking" your spindle for tool changes.

Just press the big button in front and the plunger locks into the groove of the spline. When your tool change is complete, simply release the button and the plunger springs away from the spline to avoid nasty disasters (of course, you still have to remember to remove your drawbar wrench!).

Speaking of the drawbar wrench, you can slide it into place on top of the Spindle-Lock. Now you'll always know where your drawbar wrench is. The slot prevents your wrench from jumping out of the Spindle-Lock. Ingenious!




The Spindle-Lock only remains actuated by depressing the large button. In other words, the Spindle-Lock DOES NOT remain locked in position. This would be dangerous and could potentially be catastrophic for your spindle, machine, and you.

Clear Anodize "Spindle-Lock Orange" Anodize Blue/Black Anodize (New!)